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The Garden of Ulysses

Charming B&B


  The Garden of Ulysses is equipped with the  Solarium  

  The stay in it  refers to Aeolean style settings ed  to Sicilian classicism  recalling  suggestive  island atmospheres 

Unique, antique or reused pieces  to suggest originality immersed in a unique and refined environment. Together with  moments of pure relaxation while observing a portion of the landscape of the Strait of Messina framed by the visual power of the "Etna" volcano, listening to the chirping of the birds in the unified garden  to silence  of the dwelling while you let yourself be caressed by the warmth of the sun. In conclusion  in the evening, far away  from the light pollution, lying on the cushions in "toile de juoy", simply, admiring the stars.

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